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  • The Challenges of Website Management

The Challenges of Website Management

Your website is THE focal point for your Business and Brand on the internet. Do you treat it that way? Every website requires maintenance and management – at a minimum, backups and updates. Are you qualified to manage yours? The more features your website has, the more challenges you face in keeping your website updated and functioning properly...

  • Online Marketing - Using Social Media to Share Your Message

Online Marketing: Using Social Media to Share Your Message

How are you doing getting your Brand and Business messages out online? What Social Networking sites are you on? Whether you use Social Media 1. for reaching potential customers, 2. to interact with people,or 3. to generate content, It can be a powerful tool for your Business! Check out these statistics...

  • Getting the “Right” Twitter Followers

Getting the “Right” Twitter Followers

OK, so if you're on Twitter - and you should be! - You'll get Followers from everywhere, who do everything and have all sorts of interests. That's great - You want the exposure for your Business... But, you also want to make sure that the "right" peeps are following you. People that are interested in YOU - who you are, what you do, how your Business can help them...